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Moto8way utilize Online learning modules that are provided by many reputable Automotive companies around the world to help you learn some of the key skills and knowledge . You can access these modules to your comfort of learning , 24 hours a day , 7 days a week.


Moto8way Academy uses latest Multimedia learning technology that help make learning more efficient , more fun , more energetic . Not only you can access to learning tools like videos , audio series , you will also have guidance from the trainer and instructor themselves.

Moto8way Academy learning modules and courses are built with team learning in mind. Therefore you can participate in group assignments , discussion together using our training academy portal. Don't worry if you have any questions , you can direct your query to the discussion groups and forums.

Each completion of the training courses , students / participants will be awarded Recognition Badges and also Certificates by the industrial instructors / companies. These will served as a recognition for yourself .

Each courses are provided by leaders of the Automotive Industry around the world. Means there trainings are real life knowledge which are required by the industry. By matching world class automotive industry skillset requirements with real life and hard knock industry knowledge and training programs , we believe this will be actual matching of skillset in the industry

Moto8way has  a job segment in which all members / applicants / students will be able to apply for jobs enlisted by our industrial partners. This will ensure of trained students / members can participate in automotive industry after we have prepared their skillset for the industry.

We are also working with a lot of Education University and colleges in this area to assist their students to secure more jobs .



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